Tooth gel

  • concentration: 35% Aloe Vera stabilized gel, propolis, glycerin
  • sans fluoride
  • presentation: 130 g tube

As I detailed in Chapter 3.5. Aloe Vera and dental diseases, researchers have confirmed the special properties of the gel in preventing and treating oral problems.

FLP proposes this original formula, extremely effective, developed following multiple researches, in which the Aloe Vera gel was combined with other carefully selected elements, among which we mention propolis and the chlorophyll-copper complex as an antioxidant.

Parallel examinations performed by independent dental laboratories controlled the effect of cleaning teeth and protecting the gums. Renowned dental institutes have collaborated to establish the optimal ratio of aloe in the product. The product is the result of intensive research and dental experience.

The combination of propolis, a natural antibiotic, with the effects of Aloe Vera gel as hemostatic, astringent, germicidal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant makes the tooth gel of excellent quality. The product has a protective, antiseptic role in purulent lesions of the gums, strengthens the gums, does not attack tooth enamel and prevents the formation of tartar.
The listed properties as well as the comforting taste of the gel will convince you after the first experience. Very favorable effects were also observed in periodontitis.

Recommendations of use:

  • toothpaste has had spectacular effects in
  •  gingivitis,
  • periodontitis,
  • treatment of mouth sores, oral candidiasis,
  • after dental extractions and maxillofacial operations,
  • in case of purulent lesions of the gum, as well as for
  • plaque control (tartar removal)
  • loved by kids
  • safe to be swallowed


  • To remove tartar, gentle and long-lasting brushing is recommended.
  • Against gingivitis it is recommended to rinse the oral cavity can be enlarged by massaging the gums before using the product with Aloe First.

*products in this category contain vitamins and minerals that help maintain health by avoiding nutritional deficiencies and are not subject to FDA evaluations. Products in this category are not designed to be used for diagnostic, therapeutic, symptomatic or preventive purposes of certain conditions or groups of conditions. For any medical problem, a doctor’s consultation is required.

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