First aid spray:

  • Concentration 78% Aloe Vera stabilized gel
  • Presentation: 473 ml spray

It is considered the “natural first aid kit” that should not be missing from any home. The stabilized aloe gel represents 78% of the content of the Aloe First product, the rest being extracts from 11 medicinal plants with special healing properties and propolis. All this successfully completes the broad spectrum of action of aloe gel.

Main components and known benefits:

  • 78% Aloe Vera stabilized gel  – Aloe Vera stimulates tissue regeneration and the appearance of new healthy one. Dr. Ivan Danhoff has shown very clearly that under the influence of aloe gel cell growth is stimulated 6-8 times. Aloe, through its active agents, has, as we have seen before, the ability to penetrate, to penetrate human tissues to depth. Strong synergistic effect: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, sedative, analgesic.
  • propolis : It is the most powerful natural antibiotic, with a broad spectrum. It contains: strong biostimulator flavonoids, reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries (prevent atherosclerosis) improves the quality of collagen in the wall of varicose veins, slow down the evolution of retinal diseases.
  • natural chamomile extract: disinfectant, sedative, antibiotic
  • natural marigold extract: healing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-comonia
  • natural mouse tail extract: astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tissue regenerator
  • thyme natural extract: antiseptic (including airway)
  • natural dandelion extract: good results in freckles, warts, acne, sprains
  • natural extract jales (sage): antiseptic, astringent, healing, hemostatic, contracts capillaries, epithelializing
  • natural eucalyptus extract: contains volatile oils rich in cinerol (antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial)
  • natural ginger extract: hemostatic, astringent, bactericidal, calming properties, is used successfully in the treatment of hemorrhoidal hemorrhages, gingivitis, tonsillitis, wounds
  • natural lamb tongue extract: healing and sweating action
  • natural sandalwood extract: soothing, astringent, antiseptic
  • natural flower passion of the passions: antibiotic, healing, inhibits the development of gram-positive germs
  • tocopherol: natural vitamin E.

Effects and benefits:

  • helps with hemorrhoids and  wounds
  • anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, hemostatic, healing, epithelializing, antiseptic, antifungal


good results were obtained in:

  • burn treatment: sprayed on the affected area, the pain disappears, no more blisters form, the tissue recovery is much faster and painless various skin lesions: crushed or superinfected wounds, contusions, rashes, bedsores
  • treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa: sprayed in the oral cavity: stomatitis, oral and sublingual canker sores, oral mycoses
  • periodontitis where it is associated with toothpaste and internal cure
  • stops the evolution of pharyngitis, 
  • laryngitis,
  • tonsillitis, incipient: sprayed in the oral cavity, gargle
  • chronic ulcers, varicose ulcers in combination with Aloe Propolis Creme
  • vaginal candida, trichomoniasis (after the intimate toilet, at 2 hours, intravaginally, swab with Aloe First
  • shingles: relieves pain and eliminates itching
  • psoriasis, ichthyosis, vitiligo must be accompanied by applications with Aloe Vera Gelly, internal consumption of Aloe Vera Gel, Nature Mi, Forever Kids, antioxidants: A-Beta CarE, Forever Lycim Plus, proper diet, sun exposure of the injured area
  • sprayed in the nasal cavity: rhinorrhea, chronic rhinitis (including allergic) cough, sinusitis
  • in the ear: analgesic effects soothing pain caused by current, mumps, etc.
  • remove dandruff,
  • strengthens the root of the hair (leave in treatment for the hair).
  • regenerates the hairy skin of the head
  • removes itching sensations,
  • inflammation, regardless of the cause chickenpox, measles, rubella, insect bites
  • acne – helps with acne used daily together with Aloe Propolis or Aloe Gelly


  • after sealing the bottle it is recommended to keep it cold.

*products in this category contain vitamins and minerals that help maintain health by avoiding nutritional deficiencies and are not subject to FDA evaluations. Products in this category are not designed to be used for diagnostic, therapeutic, symptomatic or preventive purposes of certain conditions or groups of conditions. For any medical problem, a doctor’s consultation is required.

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