• concentration: 97% stabilized gel
  • presentation: 1 Liter bottles
    ALOE VERA GEL  stabilized does not contain added water, offered by FLP, benefit from all the beneficial effects of a fast and perfectly approved detoxification by the body. The product received quality approval in 1986 from the International Scientific Council for Aloe (IASC). About its mechanisms of action, we recommend that you return to the presentation of the effects of the miracle plant Aloe vera at the beginning of this paper.

Following the studies mentioned above and as a result of direct experiments with this product, the effects of Aloe Vera gel were found as:
Immunostimulator: gives a huge boost to the immune system, increasing the body’s resistance (in case of various allergies, asthma, immune diseases, tumor diseases)

Detoxifier: helps to detoxify the body, this purification goes to the cellular level. Because of this, it has been dubbed the “digestive tract detergent.”

It regulates the metabolism by acting as follows: it cleanses and at the same time nourishes the body (see chapter II Aloe Vera gel) with the most important and indispensable nutrients.

It is also very useful in cases of osteoporosis, in joint problems, rheumatism

Stimulates tissue regeneration proving extremely effective in case of

  •  skin conditions,
  •  varicose veins,
  •  hemorrhoids,
  •  gastro-duodenal ulcer
  • acute and chronic problems of the small and large intestine
  • regeneration of the liver and other internal organs

It has proven its effectiveness, as I mentioned before, in the case of cardiovascular diseases,

  •  atherosclerosis,
  • in hypercholesterolemia,
  • blood pressure,
  • hyperglycemia (diabetes).

Improves physical and mental condition with major effects in: 

  •  depression
  •  stress
  •  sleep disorders
  •  habituation to alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  •  convalescence period after illness, operations, birth
  •  For the healthy person it ensures an excellent general physical and mental condition,
  •  strengthens the body


  •  Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitussive
  •  Speed ​​up hospitalization
  •  Astringent, analgesic, antitussive
  •  Germicidal,  anthelmintic

We can thus summarize the following indicative uses:

  •  as a general tonic: contributes to the harmonization of the general mental and physical state
  •  rebalances nervous depression, physical asthenia and convulsions
  •  Immunodeficiency states: stimulates their own regenerative capacity
  •  disease prophylaxis
  •  allergic conditions, bronchitis, asthma
  •  diabetes: lowers blood sugar, has very good effects in diseases associated with diabetes
  •  atherosclerosis: lowers cholesterol levels, prevents angina pectoris
  •  hepatitis and chronic pancreatitis, urinary tract infections
  •  improvement of digestion, constipation, acute and chronic colitis, gastroduodenal ulcer and heartburn
  •  dermatological diseases: psoriasis, eczema, ulcer, herpes, seborrhea pruritus
  •  varicose veins, hemorrhoids
  •  osteoporosis, osteodystrophy’s, uncomplicated fractures, arthritis
  •  special adjuvant in the treatment of tumors of various etiologies and leukemia

It should be emphasized that Aloe Vera gel can accompany any allopathic or homeopathic treatment at the same time, moreover, it has the advantage that the classic medication increases its effect and its side effects disappear.
To complete the instructions, we recommend that you consult Chapter IV The Secrets of Aloe Treatments.
Prophylactically, 2-3 cures of 1 month per year are recommended. In order to favor the detoxification process, it is important that during the gel cure, the consumption of liquids should be at least 1.5-2 liters per day , etc.).

Adults: prophylactic 2 tablespoons / day, morning and evening, 30 minutes before meals, drink in small sips.
For serious conditions: the dose may be increased to 100 ml / day in two or three installments.

Children: can be administered after diversification of the diet (introduction of other foods besides milk, at about 4 and a half months, starting with a teaspoon to high doses as needed


  •  In case of gastric acidity or more difficult tolerance: the doses are administered after meals
  •  In case of insomnia: the second dose is taken at noon
  •  people allergic to Aloe Vera (extremely few cases) to “give up” consuming this product
  •  Unsealed, the gel is kept at a low temperature (up to 10 degrees C), shake the bottle before use

At the beginning of consumption of Aloe Vera Gel may appear unpleasant phenomena, general malaise, organic pain or exacerbation of existing ones, dizziness, migraines, diarrhea, change in urine color, fatigue, lethargy.
It is a so-called “purification crisis”, a positive phenomenon that reflects the ongoing efficiency of the gel, indicating the massive elimination of toxins from the body. It is recommended that those who consume the gel do not give up its use for the reasons stated above

* products in this category contain vitamins and minerals that help maintain health by avoiding nutritional deficiencies and are not subject to FDA evaluations. Products in this category are not designed to be used for diagnostic, therapeutic, symptomatic or preventive purposes of certain conditions or groups of conditions. For any medical problem, a doctor’s consultation is required

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