Did you inherited your intellect from your mother or your father?

6 interesting facts from the world of genetics: 1. The intellect is not transmitted from the father to the son. If you are a genius, then you can be 100% sure that your son will not inherit these genes. 2.…

Why Theta Healing therapy? My personal experience

This days we are all bombarded with so much information, so many clases, gurus, coaching programs, therapies and techniques, and you may wander which one is working or if any of them can really bring you the promised benefits. From…

The amazing legend of a Rottweiler, a true life lesson

Many centuries ago a king lived in a castle with his beautiful wife, newborn child and their loyal Rottweiler. Every morning the king would go hunting with his dog. They leave at dawn and return for lunch. One day, the…

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