FOREVER NATURE-MIN Bones, Enzymes, Balanced lifestyle


  • It contains microelements that come from the deep deposits of the sea
  • Perfect combination of mineral substances in each tablet
  • Minerals play many roles, from regulating hydroelectric balance to activating genes and hormons

This unique blend of seabed minerals is high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. Zinc is an impressive mineral that, among other things, contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, bones, nails and skin.

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With Nature-Min, your body will now be able to benefit from nutrients extracted from the depths of the sea. 4% of the body mass is made up of minerals, which the human body cannot synthesize, but obtains from food or dietary supplements.

Forever Nature-Min is an advanced formula that combines bioavailable mineral forms for maximum absorption. The product offers minerals and microelements in perfectly balanced proportions, for maximum efficiency. Using chelated mineral forms, obtained from the sedimentation of marine plants and animals on the seabed, the Nature-Min product provides most of the minerals present in the human body.

Minerals fulfill three functions:

1. Some, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, are constituents of bones and teeth.

2. Others, in the form of soluble salts, contribute to the control of the composition of fluids and cells.

3. Iron and hemoglobin perform other vital tasks. They cooperate with enzymes and proteins, substances necessary for energy production and release.

Forever Nature-Min is an excellent way to provide the body with the minerals and micro-elements it needs, for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Suggested Use
One tablet, three times a day. Take tablets with meals, preferably with water.


Additional information

Weight 145 g

One tablet contains: DZR (%) *

Calcium 167 mg 21%

Iron 3 mg 21%

Phosphorus 129 mg 18%

Iodine 25 mcg 17%

Magnesium 67 mg 18%

Zinc 2.5 mg 25%

Selenium 6 mcg 11%

Copper 0.3 mg 33%

Manganese 0.3 mg 15%

Molybdenum 6 mcg 12%

"Recommended Daily Dose according to Directive 2008/100 / EC

Ingredients: Calcium / Phosphorus (calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid), microcrystalline cellulose (emulsifier), Magnesium (magnesium oxide), stearic acid (anti-caking agent), cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (filler), marine mineral sediment, Iron (fumarate) iron), zinc (zinc sulphate), manganese (manganese gluconate), copper (copper gluconate), selenium (L-selenomethionine), iodine (potassium iodide), molybdenum (sodium molybdate).

CONTENTS: 180 tablets


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