Aloe Vera Hand Soap Liquid, Hand Soap 473 ml


  • Moisturizing formula
  • Natural cleaning agents
  • It does not contain parabens 

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People wash their hands 8 times a day, on average, and the global hygiene council recommends even more. Although it is something that can help you maintain your health, the skin may suffer if the soap you use contains aggressive surfactants, which dry out.

Fortunately, Forever Living has found the solution to keep your skin supple even when you wash them.

Our formula with 100% gel stabilized by Aloe vera and glycerin creates the soft, natural base to which we have added other extraordinary ingredients: cucumber extract, lemon peel oil and olive oil, to enhance its moisturizing properties.

Cucumbers help to soothe the skin, while the lemon peel oil has dual action, both astringent and moisturizing. Olive oil is known for its antioxidant, moisturizing and even rejuvenating effects.

The combination of natural oils, fruit extracts and the best discoveries of science transforms Aloe Hand Soap, with delicate chamomile fragrance, into the ideal product for cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Your hands will thank you.

New and improved, Aloe Hand Soap provides a soothing experience with each use. Formulated from pure 100% stabilised aloe vera gel and natural cleansers, this gentle formula with fruit extracts leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Content: 473 ml

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Weight 400 g


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