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C9 With Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla fast path to weight loss and purified body 4 kg



Look better and feel great in just nine days with this expertly-devised cleansing plan. Designed to kick-start the F.I.T. programme, cleanse your body and adjust your mindset, C9 provides the perfect starting point for transforming your diet and fitness habits. Based around Forever’s Aloe Berry Nectar, this nutritionally-balanced programme will allow you to see real results in just nine days.





C9 – the fast path to weight loss and purified body

“The C9 package is a combination of products that make weight loss more efficient due to the substances in their composition that specifically act on eliminating extra pounds.

The C9 program is just the beginning of the weight loss process. It is a radical approach, in which the caloric restriction is quite important. It’s an entry into force in a weight-loss program, and for most people, such an approach works very well precisely because it’s basically a break of previous habits, a reset, and a switch to another way of eating, another lifestyle.

It also includes nutrition and exercise recommendations as well as tips on how to prepare your meals and has the great advantage of having multiple valences: on the one hand it will help you lose weight, on the other hand, it will support the body in the processes its self-cleaning.

Basically, after such a period, you will feel better, you will improve your health and you will get rid of a few pounds, and the most important thing – you will have the basis to continue with F15 PROGRAMS. “Serban Damian (sports nutritionist )

What is your C9 package?

FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL – helps to detoxify the intestinal tract and maximize nutrient absorption.

FOREVER FIBER – offers a patented blend of 5g of water-soluble fibers, which helps maintain the feeling of satiety.

FOREVER THERM – contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts and vitamins that can help support metabolism.

FOREVER GARCINIA PLUS – can help the body burn more efficiently fats and suppress appetite by increasing serotonin levels.

FOREVER LITE ULTRA – shake mix is ​​a rich source of vitamins and minerals with 17 g of protein per serving.

SHAKER – for making delicious cocktails with Forever Lite Ultra.

METER for body measurements – to keep track of changes in your body throughout the program.

BROCHURE – contains detailed information about the program stages, exercise suggestions, body count chart, schedule with supplements schedule, and delicious recipe for lunch and dinner.

The C9 package contains:

Forever Aloe Vera Gel , Aloe Berry Nectar or Aloe Peaches- 2 x 1 liter cans (Choose your favorite flavor of Aloe drink)

Forever Lite Ultra Shake – 1 bag of vanilla flavor

Forever Therm – 18 tablets

Forever Fiber – 9 sachets

Forever Garcinia Plus – 54 capsules of gelatin

Consult the C9 brochure available in the package or click HERE.


Additional information

Weight 3800 g

7 reviews for C9 With Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla fast path to weight loss and purified body 4 kg

  1. Henrietta T.

    Hi! C9 is a program that really helps you clean your interior and get rid of extra kg in just 9 days. I am delighted with the result. I feel good in my body and I have more energy. I recommend it to anyone who wants a change for the better in their life!



  3. Andreea

    I highly recommend it! ❤
    In 9 days I lost 4.5 but without sports!
    You feel great and you seem to be flying!
    Feet lighter, sleep more relaxed and your appetite decreases!
    It’s really good! I’m not saying about C 9 just to be bought, but it’s really true! Thank you Forever! ❤

  4. Denisa

    A program where you see change inside but also outside. You look good you feel good. You have to try it at least once and the results will be wonderful.


    Programul cel mai bun, eficient , echilibrat, tonic si cu rezultate imediate.Recomand cu toata inceredrea, si daca sunteti sot-sotie ar fi bine sa-l incepeti impreuna.Am slabit 6,5 kg in 9 zile, dar cel mai mult m-au impresionat centimetrii pierduti in talie.

  6. Bumb Raluca

    E cel mai eficient program de detoxifiere!!! Sunt foarte multumita de el. In doar 9 zile am scapat de 5 kg si multi cm.

  7. Anamaria B

    Clean 9 helped me lose 5kg, but also with the help of sport, kangoo jumps 5 times in a week.

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