FOREVER Absorbent-C Vitamin tablets 100 Stk


  • Oat bran promotes the absorption of vitamin C
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • It contributes to skin health
  • Contains no sugar, preservatives, starch or artificial colorings

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Taking vitamin C daily has long been associated with good health. The human body is unable to produce vitamin C, and so must be ingested from our food, drink and supplements. Forever’s Absorbent-C is bonded with oat bran, a highly soluble fibre, for gradual absorption, and provides 100% of UK RDA of vitamin C.

A powerful antioxidant, it is part of the body’s defense system against the harmful effects of free radicals.
Supplement beneficial to the skin, as it contributes to the formation of intercellular collagen.
Necessary for maintaining the integrity of the connective tissue.
Vitamin C is water soluble. Since the human body does not have the ability to produce vitamin C, it must be taken from food or supplements such as Forever Absorbent-C.

The need for a certain level of vitamin C is more than obvious. Research shows that a cigarette destroys 25 mg of vitamin C. Stress, drugs and pollutants in the environment deplete the body of this vitamin. The consequences of the deficiency are the fragility of the capillary vessels and the bleeding of the gums.

To ensure that the 60 mg of vitamin C in a tablet is completely absorbed, we added 500 mg of oat bran, which contains high solubility plant fibers. Research shows that soluble fiber can help maintain blood cholesterol levels within normal limits.

Absorbent-C with oat bran is an exceptional nutritional supplement that combines two vital nutrients. The composition of the product, elaborated by a unique process, represents an effective vitamin delivery system, through which the body can dispose of the whole amount of vitamin C from each tablet. The daily intake of Absorbent-C is very important for maintaining health.

Suggested Use
Chew 1 tablet 3 times daily.

Natural Oat Bran, vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), sorbitol powder, honey, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, natural orange flavour, citrus bioflavonoids, papaya fruit powder.

Additional information

Weight 130 g


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